About PhoCUS

Cambridge University Photographic Society (PhoCUS) welcome photographers of all abilities.

We organize events such as guest speakers, indoor and outdoor shoots, workshops, competitions and more! There’s plenty for everyone, whether you’re an expert or don’t even have a camera. The society is also a good way to find work – everyone loves a good photo and some people are even willing to pay money for them. The overall goal of the society is to develop photographers and have fun doing it.

PhoCUS isn’t just about digital photography. Although we don’t currently have our own dark room there are dark rooms at a number of university colleges which we can utilise and will hopefully be stocking up throughout the year.

Membership costs £10 for one year or £20 for life. Being a member lets you come to any of our events for free and includes a membership card giving a whopping 60% – 70% discount on a number of goods at Jessops (making film printing and processing incredibly cheap). Annual membership can be upgraded to life membership at the end of the year. Individual events cost £3-£5 which means that attending only four events throughout your time at Cambridge makes the membership pay for itself.